Louise Carleton-Gertsch talks to Year 11 students about the UK and Brexit

This month, the Year 11 students  were able to welcome a special guest to our school. Louise Carleton-Gertsch, a  freelance speaker, author and consultant for digital and learning, visited our English classes to talk to the Year 11 students about the UK and Brexit. This was especially interesting, since Ms Carleton-Gertsch is a native Brit who now lives in Munich and thus has experienced the consequences of Brexit herself. For the students this was an amazing opportunity to listen to an expert speaking about their A-Level topic. Ms Carleton-Gertsch quite impressively managed to include all of the major topics of this semester in her 90 minutes talk and therefore provided a concise résumé of the topic which will definitely serve in our preparation for the upcoming A-Levels.

We would very much like to thank Ms Carleton-Gertsch for her visit. A special thank you goes out to the Parent-Teacher-Association who kindly made this event possible with their generous donation.

Text und Foto: M. Blenner

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